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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 97

The Anglo-Saxon world view that I have to renounce, permeates many thought processes and many of my behavioral reactions, but not all. As stated on philosophybasics.com, the philosophy of Western society strives to find and prove "the truth". Westerners put more stock in individual rights, than others around the world. I drop this ideology once those “individual rights” cross the line to detrimentally impact other people. And the proof of “the truth” that was ”found” about my people have been “proven” with many lies, subversive tactics and misinformation.

I am a Black Woman. I cannot romanticize America or Western Philosophy no more than I can romanticize Africa or African Philosophy. I purposely did not state Eastern philosophy. My ancestors are not Indian (I do have a small percentage in me), Chinese, Persian, Japanese or Korean which comprises the peoples of Eastern Philosophy. I am of Africa. What is African Philosophy? Right. It’s in me. So I damn well better heed the request to renounce Western Philosophy

Western Philosophy is a garrison for those who benefit from it.

yet recognize the impact of it as “a truth” of Western people who have benefited greatly from it for centuries, in order to understand “why I am the way I am” objectively. Western Philosophy is a garrison for those who benefit from it. But it is a broken shack for those it purposely uses, dehumanizes or demonizes.

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