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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 96

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

I went to a predominately black high school W. J. Keenan in Columbia. Actually most of my schools were predominately black: Burton Elementary and Fairwold Jr. High School. I had attended St. Martin and Wardlaw Middle school as well, but I never felt outnumbered, but I digress. By the end of my schooling in the first half of my life, I had been taught and I had learned American History and Anglo-Saxon World History. It seemed that people of my skin color were always pawns - the dog being eaten in the dog-eat-dog world. The evidence in America, in spite of the wonderful examples of Black success in the face of oppression, confirmed that historical ”fact”.

Until, one day I asked God to tell me why I am the way I am. This implies that part of the “way I am” has been in my way. I never thought that a major part of this journey would lead me to a place that I would have to renounce my Anglo-Saxon accepted and championed world view to receive and understand the answers to my question. But, I must.

I asked God to tell me why I am the way I am

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