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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 95

About 20 years ago, co-workers and I after having Thanksgiving dinner together were playing a game of “charades”. I had to act out the word “love”. I had no idea what to do. Kids were watching and keeping score. My peers and teammates wanted to win and so did I. As I did my thing, they kept yelling and shouting words like constipation, nasty, stink, hurt, child birth, crying. Time ran out. They demanded to know what the word was. And once they found out, they were incredulous. They laughed at me for 10 minutes, at least. Yes, even the kids. No, I didn’t think of drawing the heart in the air, or doing “heart hands”. I was trying to show the depth of love’s meaning and its driving, relentless force through my face. My acting was terrible. I over thought it. And made it harder than it was. Love is simple. But I sure as hell complicated It. Nobody ever asked me to play that game again.

Take this message as a cautionary tale.

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