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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 92

Some invaders of Africa found penetration easy under the banners of religion. Full advantage was taken of the fact that Africans are a very religious people. They were neither Muslims nor Christians so were classed as “pagans” and therefore required to disavow their whole culture and to regard practically all African institutions as ”backward” or savage. The Blacks in their own right became non-persons, members of a race of nobodies, so hopeless that self-realization as personalities, even in a subordinate status, could only be achieved by becoming Muslims or Christians. Indeed, in order to destroy completely not only their African heritage, but also their African identity psychologically, they were forced to change their names to Arabic and Christian names.

Blacks at home in Africa and Blacks scattered over the world bore the names of their enslavers and oppressors, the ultimate in self-effacement that promoted a self-hatred which made pride in the race difficult. That these psychological shackles still handicap not only the rebirth of modern African states, but also Blacks everywhere, should be obvious to all.

Dr. Chancellor Williams.

This ends 7 days of direct quotes of Dr. Williams. Purchase his books.

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