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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 91

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The ancient religion that gave birth to science, learning, art, engineering, architecture - the resources for the national economy and political control — that same religion was the mother of history, writing, music, the healing art, the song and dance.

As the various musical instruments and singing told a story, the dance also recorded messages, appealed for spiritual aid from God and ancestors, expressed joy for successful harvests, hunting, victories in war or forms of prayer to ward off the evil spirits that always sought to overcome the good. Sickness is one of those evils, hence the association of medicine with the spiritual forces for good. The ritual appealing to a Power beyond man is called “magic” by Westerners, that is, if they are discussing Africa. Exactly the same belief and practice are called “divine healing” in Christiandom.

The development of writing flowed out of the idea of permanence which seemed to move the drawing of pictures and symbols which were man’s first step toward the art of writing. Significantly, the scribes arose in the holy Temples. And this is why so many inscriptions of historical importance have been found there, on walls, altars and on colonnades.

Dr. Chancellor Williams

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