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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 83

There are actions in life that we plan and execute for the reasons we can see. But the Universe hovers above us around us and through us, adding such unforeseen depth, further foresight, and nurture that when something that seems ordinary happens, but awesomeness explodes, you are brought to your knees with a heart bursting with joy and thankfulness. Thankful that you are present in this moment and chose this sometimes tough path, not knowing how this moment of potential would come. You are reminded that you are loved and not alone nor stuck in your head and in this place. Unbelievable progress and next level opportunity is about to take place. ”Your“ plan, through your Creator’s all-knowing, is actually unfolding your dreams, next milestones and breakthroughs in your mundane. Don’t give up.

Thankful that you are present in this moment on this path.

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