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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 77

New Decade Goals - Finalize Them, Share Them, Be Held Accountable to Them

It’s time to embark. We call upon the greatness that exists around us, through us and in us. The greatness exists in our personal past, in our stolen history, in prehistory, in the present and it awaits us in our future.

1) Try not to choose the comfortable - it may make you tread in place instead of move forward.

2) Obstacles will arrive. Their purpose it to confirm to you that you can, if you choose to, overcome them.

3) Deception will come in a pretty package. Revisit your goals in order to clearly assess the wolf in the sheep’s clothing and expose It.

4) Have fun!

5) Forgive yourself along the way if you get sidetracked.

6) Rest in order to rejuvenate your whole self.

The new journey begins.

The journey begins

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