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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 63

Kwanzaa - Imani (Faith): To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders.

This doesn’t mean that this is a blind faith. This is a faith that confronts and holds its leaders accountable. Imani will take the appropriate action to have someone removed and/or reassigned through assessment and potential intervention.

The weaponized religion (WR) used to conquer us is not about having faith in each other, it was about replacing Imani with something outside of ourselves. “It” is always out of reach. We were left as beggars, waiting on a rescue from an outside influence. In addition, WR ultimately is about economic domination and greed with a ”holy” facade. Its duplicity is not spiritually healthy nor to the people it “captures”.

Let’s reorient our faith to where it belongs.

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