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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 21

Our diet has to change; it was barely sustaining us then, and it is killing us now.

Africans enslaved in the US, "diet consisted of a form of fatty pork and corn or rice. Historian U.B. Phillips found that slaves received the following standard, with little or no deviation: a quart of cornmeal and half pound of salt pork per day for each adult and proportionally for children, commuted or supplemented with sweet potatoes, field peas, syrup, rice, fruit and 'garden sass'".

Wikipedia referenced: Kiple, Kenneth F.; Himmelsteib King, Virginia (November 30, 1981). Another Dimension to the Black Diaspora: Diet, Disease and Racism. Cambridge University Press. pp. 80–100.

Your food is supposed to be your medicine and your medicine is supposed to be your food. ~African Proverb

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