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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 208

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

My Dear Fellow White Americans,

Yesterday I was talking to a Puerto Rican American who said he was blessed to be in his ”white” colored skin in this country. He spoke of an experience where his skin gave him the privilege of not being arrested by the cops who had pulled him and his “more colored” friends over. The smell and smoke from weed was streaming out of every pore of the car. It could not be hidden. Luckily for them, he was the driver. He stated the cops never made eye contact with the other passengers. The officer eventually let them go. During another stop though, he was the passenger, same “weed” situation, same friends, however, that time everybody was arrested, including him.

White America, I understand that your hatred of my Black Skin or attempted crush of my Black Excellence did not start with this generation. In fact, the hatred and morbid curiosity have been passed on for hundreds of years through false science, inhumane philosophy, curse-filled religion, slave-master economies and geo-political spoils of war and power grabs since you learned of our existence and the continent of Africa. Africa is the richest continent on the planet based on its minerals and natural resources. But I digress. Humankind was birthed from the wombs of African women. Black genes are the dominant gene which means the first humans, Africans, birthed all of us. But you know this.

Yet here we are. White America will use every means at its disposal, including the Flag and practice of Democracy, redefining it as an unattainable goal post for non-white Americans. It will incarcerate, play war games to kill and disenfranchise us to remain ”superior”. And the reason why: to control its destiny.

You want to survive. You want your children to achieve more than the previous generation. You want to leave a positive legacy. You want to accumulate as much wealth in the world as possible for you and yours alone. Yet many of the systems you hold dear knowingly create then exploit the poor and the un-empowered. Left without checks and balances, your fear of loss or need for control will murder and enslave; it will go unhinged. Yes, I and all others understand the autopsy of your psychology.

And guess what? I want to control my destiny as well. I want to survive; I want my child to achieve more than the previous generation. I want to leave her a positive legacy. I cherish freedom just as much as you, but not a reckless freedom. My other cry is JUSTICE: FAIR, ALL-SEEING, TRANSPARENT JUSTICE. Since we both know your systems will exploit, encourage murder and would destroy Democracy for all to save yourself, I challenge you to live on a higher conscience than this. I do not want to control you or hinder your progress. You have to learn that your progress does not have to be dripping in my blood and/or in the loss of life of other Black and Brown folk. Walking on graves is a bad look. There is a way for us all to succeed without anyone experiencing loss.

What you think you know about me as a Black Woman has been influenced by centuries old propaganda and in many cases flat out evil lies. You and your systems have attempted to create in me, the lies you believe about my people. No doubt, sometimes we live down to your low expectation which means some of us are broken just like some of you who have believed such lies.

So, I need you to free your mind to a new way of thinking about the small pie distributed by a few you so desperately trust in today. Think in terms of a family reunion buffet table of pies made by many contributors. This is what I want. We should be able live together intelligently and honorably, if you allow it. This country can prosper even more without the carnage of its citizens; it’s on you. Otherwise, ”America” will weaken until it is desperate and dependent on despots. The choice is yours.

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