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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 192

People of African Ancestry in America have always known the tyranny of the “white man”. White society was always content with it because it was directed towards members of the black community with such eloquent operation names or slogans in recent years like “Law and Order” or “Tough on Crime” or “War on Drugs”.

Well, it is no longer contained. The greed and political power grab of the “white man”, in this instance called “Operation Diligent Valor”, is directed towards suburban moms, dads, nurses, journalists, retired veterans, students, young adults, the elderly, any one. Some of the courageous and creative people in the crowds and protests in Portland screaming “Black Lives Matter”, could have included undecided voters.

The Civil War was about states’ rights to enslave. The fight against Civil Rights in the 1960s was about states’ rights to continue to segregate and to deny voting. Today’s war is about the right of the Federal government to uphold and protect the privilege of the “white man” as an endangered “species” on the verge of extinction - power extinction that is. In a Republic, this type of “power” should be stripped because it is cowardice.

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