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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 191

In our park, there is a cut out of “Big Foot” lurking behind a tree. It startles me even though I know it is there. And I chuckle every time realizing the irrationality of my fear.

But ponder this: what if white men and women see people of African Ancestry as a Menacing “Big Foot”? The centuries of using negative messages in media, preaching from the pulpit the rationalization of chattel slavery and its legacy of segregation, raising children to fear, separate and hate, can culminate into a menacing image to represent their manufactured “truth”. Menacing “Big Foot” can explain why cops use and justify excessive force in groups or with fire power against one Black man. And even more tragically, the use of similar force on Black women and children.

“Big Foot” is a mythical beast. It does not exist in the real world only in our imagination. Imagination is a powerful weapon for good or evil. The elevation of those of us of African Ancestry to this mythical beast is psychologically harmful to all peoples. This is not reality but it has been made reality through policies, propaganda and practices. It has carved a wretched reality to those that are Victims of these false beliefs and imagery which do serve a sinister purpose.

Remember though, we are all human with the capacity to construct Reality. I recommend we create our world on faith, hope, and love in the reality and truth of each other. “But the greatest of these is love”.

Mythical Menacing Big Foot

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