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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 188

.A “Messiah” in Jesus’ time meant 3 things:

1) He was a descendant of King David

2) He desired to re-establish David’s Kingdom on Earth and reconstitute the 12 Tribes of Israel

3) His purpose was to usher in the Rule of God

The Jesus of History was a Jewish man who was poor, pious, illiterate, uneducated...a country bumpkin. This Jesus was able to start a movement on behalf of the poor, weak, dispossessed, the marginalized, and women. His movement was seen as such a threat to the most powerful empire the world had ever known that he was hunted down like a bandit, a criminal, arrested, tortured and executed for the crime of sedition.

Paraphrase of Reza Aslan

Right Side of History

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