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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 187

What if in the mind of Christians, Jesus looked like what the forensic anthropologists suggest? See photo on the left.

On the right is a “Political cartoon by Art Young depicting Jesus on a "wanted-poster". First published in The Masses in 1917.” It reads:

Reward. For information leading to the apprehension of —. Jesus Christ. Wanted - for sedition, criminal anarchy - vagrancy, and conspiring to overthrow the established government. Dressed poorly, said to be a carpenter by trade, ill-nourished, has visionary idea, associates with common working people the unemployed and bums. Alien - believed to be a jew. Alias : 'Prince of peace', 'Son of man - Light of the world', &c &c. Professional agitator red beard, marks on hands and feet the result of injuries inflicted by an angry mob led by respectable citizens and legal authorities.

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