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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 178

As of the 2010 Census African Americans make up 12% of the population which is amounts to 42 million. There are new 21st century lies that African Americans are aborting 23 million babies per year. Pro-Birthers, mostly who identify as followers of Christ, hate African American women/African Americans period for this horrendous number of deaths.

Therefore, to the “moral citizens” these deaths caused by our hands of the unborn alone negate any need for change in our society or the need to listen to our cry against the myriad of injustices. The murder of the unborn, to Pro-Birthers justifies our murder in the streets by law enforcement, vigilantes, or the militia. It justifies any violence or exploitation. To them, the coronavirus is our punishment.

There is no vocabulary in the Pro-Birthers’ language for healing or reconciliation, only Pro-Death outside the womb for any “other”.

What a deathly flawed moral obligation to God and the rest of Society and our Communities.

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