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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 177

The lies the World believes about people of African descent:

1) We have an unworthy ancient history.

2) We came from nothing.

3) Our Ancestors needed to be rescued by Europeans or Arabs.

4) Our Ancestors were Godless.

5) The curse of “Ham” in the Jewish and Christian Sacred Texts applies to those of African descent.

6) All of our Ancestors were Islamic.

7) Our men are rapists, prone to violence, thieves, drunkards and deadbeat dads.

8) Our women are over sexualized and loud.

9) We are lazy.

10) We are no better than animals or property.

The Truth is: we are godlike to survive this onslaught of genocidal mania and fanaticism about our dark skin. We continue to be resurrected or “born“ again.

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