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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 175

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

An observation that explains why someone won’t wear a mask is that men and women are choosing to weaponize the Coronavirus against their perceived Enemy to their Peace, Stability, Future, Political Power, and Wealth.

There is a 2018 article in the Smithsonian Magazine that states that dogs in prehistoric times were human’s bitter rivals. The ancestors of man’s best friend were ”purely wild animals in competition - sometimes violent” with humans for food and perhaps territory.

The article continues with Brian Hare, the director of Duke University Canine Cognition Center, stating that “the physical changes that appeared in dogs over time, including splotchy coats, curly tails, and floppy ears, follow a pattern of a process known as self-domestication. It’s what happens when the friendlest animals of a species somehow gain an advantage. Friendliness somehow drives these physical changes, which can begin to appear as visible byproducts of this selection in only a few generations“. The advantage gained by these dogs is the access to the hunter-gatherers foodstuffs.

The dogs shifted from “survival of the fittest” mode or the prime character reference in the “dog-eat-dog world” metaphor to “survival of the friendliest” - transformed to one of cooperation and intimacy with its bitter “enemy”.

Men and women who have a ravenous appetite to kill, strangle, hang, maim, lockup, and coral their perceived Enemies by any other means necessary, even using their own infected bodies during a pandemic, should take survival cues from their best friends’ non predatory approach. If a dog can evolve and self-domesticate for survival, so must Man for the survival of the human race.

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