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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 172

Assimilationist - a person who advocates or participates in racial or cultural integration.

  • An assimilationist believes that we are all created equal. But because Blacks are born in “barbaric Africa, barbaric broken black homes, broken black communities, pathological cultures”, our inferiority can be nurtured away. It is his/her position and duty to civilize and develop Black people.

Segregationist - a person who supports the policy of enforced separation of different racial groups.

  • A segregationist believes that Black people are inferior by Nature - genetically, biologically, permanently inferior.

Bullets above quoted from Professor Ibrahim X. Kendi from the video below.

Each of these positions reveals the foundation of systemic racism.

Neither position is based on truth.

Start video for this part of the discussion at 24 minutes- 27 minutes.

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