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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 159

Governor Cuomo’s Demands

  1. National ban on excessive force and chokeholds

  2. Independent investigation on police abuse

  3. Disciplinary records disclosed of police officers being investigated

  4. Education equity

  5. Anti-poverty agenda

  6. A real national affordable housing plan

Mo’s Demands - a few timelines based on 250 years of slavery + another 150 years of Jim Crow/systemic punishment/lechery of the poor

  1. Washington DC becomes a state

  2. Based on the black population in each state - x number of black representatives are sent to the house of representative at the state level and national level elected by the black population of that state. This ends after 250 years.

  3. Everyone is automatically registered to vote at 18

  4. Remove health care as an employer responsibility; make it individual like how car insurance is done.

  5. Reduce health care costs and mental health counseling costs. Free healthcare for Black Americans for 5 generations

  6. Remove all taxes on 401k / early withdrawal penalties during times of crisis.

  7. Begin equal pay for black men and women. If the cost is too high reduce white men’s pay to compensate

  8. Take all non violent prisoners out of prison and allow them to work to pay restitution. Restore immediately their right to vote

  9. All black people should receive free college education for the next 5 generations

  10. All current education debt should be erased from all citizens

  11. Grants of $5000 should be given to first time homebuyers for a down payment on a single family home. Abolish public housing high rises.

  12. Utilize the spending of $1.2 trillion in the black community for creating jobs

  13. Fully fund head start programs

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