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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 119

Many are quarantined with their families at HOME. This is a wonderful thing...hard but good. No one is stuck in a school under lockdown due to an active shooter or at war in a bunker on US soil or alone under rubble due to some force of nature.

Being at home is hard for some because we are unsure of what to do with ourselves with our families. Being home and engaged is under appreciated because we have distributed ”out” the functions of family to other institutions

1) Education

2) Religion

4) Gaming

5) Sports

6) Politics

So its hard when those institutions are absent or inadequate for such a time as this. Marketing is geared towards creating an intimacy with gadgets or finding saviors in these institutions instead of molding intimacies within families. Our lives have been saturated with it. The marketing machine of capitalism won’t quit when we find our new normal. So practice distancing from it when it returns in order to further strengthen the intimacy of family at Home.

Family Intimacy

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