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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 114

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

We’ve been at war for almost 30 years in the middle east. Yet we have never collectively felt its direct impact. We probably have but we’ve played the blame game or the art of misdirection at its highest level of distraction (alternative facts). In 2008, I felt the financial crash some: I did not get large salary increases or bonuses for a number of years, but I was still employed. The nation was impacted by Vietnam because there was a draft, we did not win the war, and lives were lost and families intimately impacted. Recently, I learned that daylight savings time was instituted during WWII. I’m still reeling from our change just a couple of weeks ago. It gets harder as you get older. So I wondered: what was it like in WWII, the Great Depression, WWI, or the Civil War. What did the citizens have to become accustomed to and adapt to in such desperate times as those?

We survived...together.

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