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We Want Some Mo, We Want Some Mo - Day 111

Ro - Intellectually Curious

Mo - Intellectually Curious

But about what?

Ro sought out the truth about African History beginning in his preteen years. He also had one history teacher in Jr. High school that inspired him further.

I did not. I thoroughly immersed myself in European and American History with no thought about African History until I asked God well into my midlife crisis, “Why am I the way I am”.

If we want to know the magnificence of people of African Descent, then everyone must study African and World History without the European and American propaganda blinders or their “matrix”-like filter. Take the red pill. You won’t be the generic “Mr. Anderson“ anymore. You will be the Chosen One for such a time as this.

In “Matrix Reloaded“, Morpheus yells, ”We are still here!” That is significant to us and very telling. Catch the vibe from this brief clip. https://youtu.be/qvaaGhfjrgs.

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